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Outsourcing marketing can bring powerful results.
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With the right marketing advice, you can attract your ideal clients and reach your business goals.

As a boutique Digital Marketing agency, we take a personal and proactive approach to your marketing, asking the right questions to identify new opportunities for your business.


By getting to know you and your customers, our experienced marketing team will transform your brand into a powerful lead generation tool. We map out your marketing strategy and then project manage your campaign for you.


Our creative strategists are experts in digital marketing, advertising, branding, and strategy. We believe in the power of marketing and are ready to develop creative solutions for you.


Whether you need to relieve the workload of your marketing department or don’t have in-house marketing expertise, you can think of us as your outsourced marketing department. We have the ideas and experience to get you results.

Hey! I’m Deborah


A born and raised Brisbane girl with a passion, a laptop, and a dream to help business owners succeed with their Facebook advertising and digital marketing efforts.

After I had 2 children I decided to open my own marketing consulting business about 15 years ago. I’ve actually built about 5 businesses since then. Sold 2, was the director of 1, and now I’m the founder of Spot Yellow Digital.

I’m the author of Easy Marketing for Women and Easy Marketing for Small Business, the creator and developer of training programs such as Easy Marketing for Service Professionals and How to be Famous in Your Field.

As a renowned speaker and teacher, I’ve spoken at many conferences in Australia, delivered load of workshops, sold from stage, hosted webinars, interviewed by various media outlets, and have mentored hundreds of clients along the way

I have transformed a plethora of different businesses, structured compelling lead generation campaigns, establishing brand identities and given vision and guidance to leading entrepreneurs to help them reach and live to their full potential.

Here’s a little bit about more about me… I have two amazing teenagers, love business, love helping people achieve their purpose and passion in life and of course juggling everything in between… my life is crazy at times!

But, I wouldn’t have it any other way!



From Influencer Marketing Strategy Ideas to Online Course Marketing Tactics, we're here to help.


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