‘I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.’

The whole idea of niching and narrowing your focus may make you a little nervous because you are scared of missing out on a potential client.  I get that, as it was the same for me when I started my business.  And it kept me from achieving my goals for a long time.

But let me explain….

When you are focused on a specific program, service or product with a specific outcome for a specific kind of ideal client you are, well specific or as they say in marketing terms niched!

Potential clients know what they can expect from you and how you can provide them with a benefit that they need.

When you are trying to be all things to all people you’re being general. Unspecific and not Niched.  People don’t want just anyone to help them, they want an expert to help them.  Imagine if you need an operation on your heart.  Would you like a GP Doctor performing a quadruple bypass on you, or would you like the specialist heart surgeon?  Of course you would want a heart surgeon!

With a generalist people just don’t clearly know how they can help them.  Generalists have fewer sales and of course without sales your business isn’t a business.

One way to define your niche is to answer these questions:

  • What problem do you solve better than anyone?
  • Who do you enjoy working with and why?
  • What problems/solutions do you like to solve for clients?
  • What do you do really well, what are you the best ast?
  • What is the outcome I want my clients to take away from working with me?
  • How do I help my clients create that transformation for themselves?

The clearer you are about this niche or expertise, the more clients will seek you out, the more referrals you’ll receive and the more business you will close.

This may take a little time, but keep at it.  You should be able to fill in the following blanks:

I am a ___________________ (descriptor e.g. coach, consultant) who serves ____________________ (client type) by _________________ (entire client transformation/experience you provide).  Describe how you provide it.

Example:  I am the Step Forward Business Coach.  I work with service or eProduct entrepreneurs who want to step forward and take their business to the next level, with love, enjoyment and making a great living too.  I do this through one-on-one coaching, group coaching and training.

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