Do you want to improve organic traffic, be found by potential customers, drive leads, and improve your position in search engine results?

Then Spot Yellow can help by using SEO.

SEO is the marketing practice that uses keyword research to help your business establish a credible online reputation. Essentially, it brings in more relevant traffic, improves bounce rates, and increase the potential for sales conversions by helping your website become more visible online when people search.

As one hundred billion searches are performed on Google every month, the better placed your website is in the search engine results, the more likely you will receive new visitors, leads, and sales.

Basically, SEO Is Important For Every Business NO EXCEPTIONS!

So no matter what your marketing budget is, SEO (Search Engine Marketing) is the one strategy you cannot afford to be without. SEO is an ongoing approach that generates high-quality leads and grows your business online.


Why is SEO important for my local business?

It makes sense to do everything in your power to improve the reach of your business towards potential new customers and effectively dedicate a good amount of your online strategy to SEO.

The Benefits Of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

  • Attract More Customers And Traffic
  • Rank In Google For More Keywords
  • Build A Long Term Sustainable online presence
  • Enhanced Search Visibility
  • Build Trust With Your Search Results
  • Increase Traffic In A Cost-Effective way
  • Increase The Value Of Your Business

Spot Yellow can help your company receive the many benefits of SEO.

SEO Services include:

Search Engine Optimisation Setup


  • Auditing your current website for SEO opportunities
  • Creating an SEO strategy based on your budget and goals
  • Researching and determining commercially viable search queries to target through keyword research
  • Professional setup of your website for search optimisation, including semantic HTML coding and correct meta tag implementation across all pages

Ongoing SEO Campaign Maintenance


  • Monitoring your keyword performance in Google
  • Increasing your website’s authority through link building
  • Reporting on your performance, traffic statistics and demographics

Want to know more?

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