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Whether you are looking to bring in new visitors to your site, grow your sales or get your phone ringing, by targeting the right audience you’ll see a consistent flow of leads and paying customers with a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign. Online advertising is one of the quickest ways to grow and scale your business to new heights.

Platforms such as Google and Facebook Ads can increase the quality and quantity of qualified traffic to your website.


Why Google Adwords?


The truth is, if you’re not investing in Google Ads, you’re missing out! It’s no secret that Google Ads is one of the fastest ways to generate leads and sales for your business.

It allows you to target ready-to-buy customers just waiting to get their hands on your product or service! With Spot Yellow’s expert team of digital strategists and a high-converting campaign, you can effortlessly scale your business profitably and achieve industry dominance.

PPC advertising means you only pay for the clicks you want, from the customers that are searching for you. When half of all search clicks are awarded to the top three paid ads, it’s a no-brainer that your business should be there.


How does it work?


Pay per click (or PPC) is an online marketing method where you bid against others to purchase visitors to your website from other websites.   By bidding a set price ‘per click’ you are able to effectively ‘buy’ yourself into the search results page, bypassing Google’s regular algorithm for ranking websites.

When a potential customer performs a search and clicks on your ad, your AdWords account gets debited the agreed bid and Google delivers the customer to your site.

Basically, Google AdWords is effectively a ‘paid shortcut’ to first page results on Google.

The more money you are willing to pay ‘per click’ the higher you will be listed in the page, and the more visitors you can receive. There are other factors at play, including a ‘quality score’ which helps Google determine high quality ads.


On average, for every dollar you spend on PPC advertising, you’ll generate $2. Where else can you expect such an attractive return on your investment? SEM – or search engine marketing – boosts traffic, clicks, conversions, and brand awareness.

Worried about irrelevant clicks and wasted budget? If you’ve experienced these in the past, chances are you’ve either been managing Google advertising yourself and burning a hole through your wallet (due to a lack of know-how) or an agency focused on clicks, not conversions.

Spot Yellow’s laser-focused strategies are carefully targeted to bring in interested buyers and consistently produce warm leads and sales for your business.

Facebook Advertising



It may still be something of an enigma to some people, but it’s no longer an option. Facebook advertising for business owners should be a priority, not an option.

If you’re struggling to get your voice heard on the noisy platform, there’s a good reason for that. More than 50 million businesses are now on Facebook and Spot Yellow can show you how to push through the crowd to get to the front row.

We specialise in many Facebook advertising strategies.  We will help you book out your diary, build your database with qualified potential clients, sell your function or event… whatever your business goals are Facebook advertising will increase awareness for your brand, attract leads and help you to convert them into life long customers.

Absorb the Facebook facts to make your own decision:


One-sixteenth of your customers’ waking hours are spent on Facebook. It makes sense to position your product in the place they hang out most.

Facebook’s advertising tool allows for advanced targeting. 13 million people in Australia are on Facebook, and this feature allows you to zoom in on your most qualified prospects.

Facebook allows you to personalise your message. From images to videos to carousel ads, it’s easy to showcase your brand’s unique voice.

Drive customers to your website. Customers that find you on Facebook are likely to be more receptive; they’ve already sought you out on social media and know a thing or two about your company.

Spot Yellow can design a killer Facebook advertising campaign that could bring your business an average of 450% ROI, turning qualified leads into paying customers.

While Facebook’s marketing capabilities are powerful, it does pay to have your strategy implemented and continually optimised by Spot Yellow’s campaign management specialists.

We take the time to get to know your business and what you want to achieve from your advertising spend to ensure clarity around objective, audience and the messaging with the aim of continually driving stronger results.

Not sure where to start? Jump on a call us now to understand how a Facebook advertising campaign can expedite your business.


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